Adult Acne – How Adult Acne Affects the Sufferers

People are under the misconception that acne occurs only in teenagers but this is not so. Be it a teenager or an adult, this skin condition makes people conscious of going out and participating in social gatherings. They stay away from mirrors and wear plenty of make-up in order to hide their ugly scars. Sometimes, young children go up to people having acne and ask them the reason for the dots on their face. This can be extremely embarrassing. Acne results in emotional ramifications. Adult acne not only leads to lower self-esteem. It also results in anxiety, social withdrawal and in the worst cases, depression.Women and men suffer from the problem of acne equally when they are teenagers but twice as many women suffer from the problem in adulthood as compared to men. Adult acne could be the result of persistent acne that never really disappeared in childhood or it could have started late in life. Late onset is not common but a majority of the sufferers of acne are victims of persistent acne. Acne is usually seen in adults on the lower part of the face, on the jaw line, mouth and chin. This acne is a little difficult to treat. This is not unusual because the skins of adults are less elastic, more sensitive and do not heal fast. Teenagers get acne usually because of oily skin but adults have skins that are dehydrated.Medications for acne are known to produce the side-effects of dryness and irritation. Adult skin is already deficient in moisture. It is bound to get inflamed if it becomes drier. Adults are usually embarrassed because they think that acne is only for teenagers. Acne cripples people socially, be they adults or teenagers. Unlike women, men are not able to hide their acne and make up. People assume that teenagers get traumatized by this condition and that adults do not think of it as a big deal but research has shown that adult acne results in the sufferers lacking in self-confidence. They are not comfortable maintaining eye contact. They are reserved. They try to hide their faces with hair styles. They tend to look down.There are many ways of getting rid of the problem. Adults should always keep their skin moisturized because they tend to have dry skin. The face should be washed twice every day with mild cleansers in order to get rid of excess oils. They should get adequate sleep. They should be relaxed and not stressed out. Regular exercise is necessary.