Build a Kid Friendly Web Site, Part One

Web sites are one of the most valuable publicity tools for an author today. But when you’re putting yours together there are a few tips you want to think about especially if you write fiction for kids.When I first put my author’s web site together, I decided that the best approach was to devote one page for each of my books. This worked well in terms of promoting me as a writer to other adults but didn’t do much for kids who want to visit the site.Take a spin around the WebIf you write fiction for kids one of the things you’re going to want to do is take a look at how other authors have set up their web sites. Now, part of this research will depend upon what level you write for: picture book, chapter book, middle grade, or YA. While it’s true that the focus of my new web site is for middle graders, these tips can help for any level of children’s fiction.I began my research by thinking about the authors in my age range that I like. I write mysteries for kids and so one of the first sites I went to was RL Stine’s. He has a really neat site that uses a good bit of animation and sound and it works for him. It wouldn’t necessarily work well for me because I’m not an HTML whiz. My site is simple and clean and doesn’t rely on flash animation, video or audio.I also went to look at Beverly Cleary’s web site and got a lot of really good ideas for how I could fashion mine.When you visit another author’s web site make sure to look at everything. If there are games or trivia quizzes, play! See how they’re laid out. Take notes on how hard or easy it is to navigate the pages and whether kids can find the information to answer a quick quiz within the site itself.Plan before you buildAfter I took a look at the sites I liked, I made some notes about what I would like to do with my own web site. I decided that I wanted to have a page for each of the characters as well as a character page that lists everyone important in my book.The character page should have colorful graphics that linked to each individual page both on the graphic and in the text underneath the graphic.Part of the challenge for me, however, was that my book is not illustrated. I was able to take characters from the front cover and use them in the web site but then I was left with the dilemma of having to either create illustrations or get some clip art to use for graphics.I choose the latter option and went to Microsoft’s free site to download and use some clip art.Decide how many pages to have on your site. You don’t have to have 50, 30, or even 20 pages to have a great web site. My site has under 20 pages.In Part Two (another article), we’ll look at whether you want to collect information from kids, using trivia quizzes as fun and games, and creative ways to use graphics.

How To Get Most Success With Free Adult Dating

How free would you like it to be when it comes to free adult dating? Release yourself from inhibitions and find success with free adult dating. What are the indications of your success in gaining friends online? Here are the possible moves you can do to attract potential friendship with a stranger and possibly land on a thrilling date:Write an Interesting Profile:If a good story starts with a good conflict, then your online profile should contain mystery in it. Think about yourself and your interests loved by your real friends. Write about it in your online profile. If you can’t make up what will be impressive to a readers, ask your best friend an honest question like: What do you find interesting about me as a friend? How do I spice up your day and keep you from getting bored at times? Your friend will start to reminisce the good memories and will describe your traits realistically. She might describe how you saved an embarrassing situation by cracking a nice humor out of it. Talk about something that comes within you. If you are clever, then you don’t need to put too much detail, which will reveal you completely. It is better to leave your readers wondering about your true identity, yet you have shown the highlights in subtle ways.Romancing Your Emails:Smart flirting is choosing the right words without sounding awkward. For the sake of enjoyment, there is nothing wrong about playing your online character smooth and sultry. While there is no reliability or truly credible stranger, you can start with smart maneuvers by the way you play with words. If you have started to get the attention of a potential online date, it is critical to avoid topics focused purely about you. Avoid too much “I” in the first paragraph and constant use of “me”. It means, start to talk about your date’s interest before starting to introduce yours.The Truth behind Lies:If it is not avoidable to lie, it could be done creatively. But don’t dwell too much in the effort of pretending. If you are beginning to gain the confidence of a prospective online date, never let him believe in 100% pure lies. Complete pretense will go inconsistent in time, especially if the exchange of words is becoming heavier each day. In the first place, you will not pour yourself out to someone who does not attract you at all.Take the Grammar Hints:Asking too much questions could shy away a prospective friend. At the start of your interaction or chat, you can already get the hint of a person’s personality depending on his application of words and grammar. Educated people may have typos but they make concise composition of sentences. Chatting with someone with bad grammar and careless vulgarity can lead to demerits in personality impression. You can at least depend on this in little ways. If vulgar words don’t work for you, then you should say it tactfully.Keep in Mind that Free Adult Dating is for AdultsIf you elect to belong and find a real adult date, then your mind should be open to adult talks. In the first place, you should be at the right age to do this. Be broadminded to come across topics on sexuality and reject some orientations, which do not conform to yours.If you intend to meet with your online date personally, it should be with cautious awareness. Meet him in a very public place in a very casual manner. Dress decently and finish the date discreetly.

Dating Tips For Recently Divorced Adults

When it comes to divorce, it’s hard to say that it doesn’t truly affect everyone involved in a negative way. What makes divorce so bitter is that the person you believed you were going to spend the rest of your days on this Earth with, isn’t that person after all. Divorce is particularly hard if there are kids involved. It truly is a life changing event. Another ugly side of divorce is how bitter it can make someone feel. Many people who go through a divorce just have no interest in moving on. They don’t want to love anyone else, nor do they care that they feel this way.On the other hand, after a period of time, some divorcees figure they’ve mourned long enough, and are willing to give a new relationship a try. However, they just don’t know where to go or where to turn for finding a new dating partner. One solution to this dilemma is online dating services that are geared specifically towards divorced people. The only good thing about being divorced is you now know what type of person isn’t right for you. You can use the attributes you most disliked about your ex as filters to screen out those types of people.If you decide to turn to online dating for divorced people, just be sure you’re being honest with yourself that you’re truly prepared mentally, spiritually, and physically to start dating again. At first, after a divorce it can be extremely challenging to adapt to being single again. Unfortunately, some people will want to begin dating again before their truly ready just to fill the relationship void they have in their life.After being with someone for a long period of time, it can be extremely difficult to be alone and not have someone. People, who do jump into a relationship just because they are lonely, rarely ever find happiness with the person they jump into the relationship with. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get over the divorce before you give online dating a try.It’s a good idea to find a site that specifies that it is an online dating site for recently divorced men or women. That way, all cards are on the table and nobody will feel as if they were duped because you didn’t divulge your recent separation. It’s extremely important, when it comes to online dating sites, that you be totally honest and upfront in your profile. Otherwise, you won’t find the person who is most likely to be compatible with you. If you pretend to be something or someone you’re not, it’s just going to lead to confusion and frustration on your part and the part of the person you date.When you make your profile on an online dating site for recently divorced adults, don’t talk about your ex. When you focus too much on your ex, people will begin to think that you’re not completely over them. If you want to include your ex’s characteristics that you would find unacceptable in a potential mate, merely state that you would prefer they not do this or that. However, it is always better to say what you want, not what you don’t want.Again, you don’t want a potential mate to think they’re being compared to your ex spouse, it will lead them to feel as if they need to prove themselves to you, and that’s just added pressure, especially during a time when the pressure’s high, such as in dating online for divorced adults. You can find true love again, just make sure you give it time and don’t rush into another relationship until you know you’re completely ready.