Adult Vs. Student Learners: Is There a Difference?

Have you ever considered if there is a difference in how first graders, or fifth graders, or eleventh graders learn?Is there a difference in their learning vs. how you and your colleagues learn? It turns out, the answer is definitely YES.So, let’s take a look at how ADULTS best learn. Adults:• are autonomous and self-directed.• use their foundation of life experiences and knowledge.• are goal-oriented.• are relevancy-oriented.• want practical, useful information.• need to be shown respect.Adult learners prefer single concept, single-theory learning experiences that focus heavily on the application of the concept to relevant problems.Adults need to be able to integrate new ideas with what they already know if they are going to keep – and use – the new information.Information that conflicts sharply with what is already held to be true, and thus forces a re-evaluation of the old material, is integrated more slowly.Adults tend to compensate for being slower in some psychomotor learning tasks by being more accurate and making fewer trial-and-error ventures.Adults tend to take errors personally and are more likely to let them affect self-esteem. Therefore, they tend to apply tried-and-true solutions and take fewer risks.Adults have something real to lose in a classroom situation. Self-esteem and ego are on the line when they are asked to risk trying a new behavior in front of peers and cohorts.Adults prefer self-directed and self-designed learning projects over group-learning experiences led by a professional, they select more than one medium for learning, and they desire to control pace and start/stop time.The learning environment must be physically and psychologically comfortable; long lectures, periods of interminable sitting and the absence of practice opportunities rate high on the irritation scale.Adults bring a great deal of life experience into the classroom, an invaluable asset to be acknowledged, tapped and used. Adults can learn well-and much-from dialogue with respected peers.New knowledge has to be integrated with previous knowledge; students must actively participate in the learning experience. The learner is dependent on the instructor for confirming feedback on skill practice.Adults have expectations, and it is critical to take time early on to clarify and articulate all expectations before getting into content.So, let’s now take a look at some ways that children most successfully learn:• Children depend upon adults for instruction in their physical, psychological and life skills support. When learning, they expect to be directed by adults.• Children believe that one of their major roles in life is to learn from adults.• Children learn quickly.• Children are open to new information and will readily adjust their views.• For the most part, children learn what they are told to learn.• Children filter very little of what they are taught. If an adult tells them, they will most likely accept it as fact.• Children believe learning is important if adults tell them it is important.• Children usually learn in groups of others that are much like them – same age, same educational level, similar socio-economic groups, similar belief systems.• Children’s readiness to learn is linked to both academic development and biological development.• Children can be externally motivated by the promise of good grades, praise from parents and/or teachers.• Children have less well-formed sets of expectations in terms of formal learning experiences. Their “filter” of past experience is smaller than that of adults.Many veteran teachers know that children can remember things they were told for decades. In fact, a few positive, or negative, words can set the path for a child’s future.Telling children that they CAN do something is often a prescription for success. In turn, telling them they cannot do something often convinces them that they can’t.

Adult Friend Finder Review – Is it Quality?

The following article is an adult friend finder review, geared towards describing the features, positives, and negatives of the dating site. The first thing which should be discussed is that this is an adult dating site, and is strictly for people who are eighteen years of age or older. Also, this site has explicit material which some people may find offensive. With that in mind, if you’d like to learn more about the features of this adult dating site, then read on!Adult Friend Finder ReviewNow Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996, and now boasts an impressive 23 million registered members. If you are the type of person who is looking for love, or an exclusive and serious relationship, Adult Friend Finder is definitely not for you. The members here are mostly interested in finding casual relationships with people of the opposite or same sex. If you are going to choose a site which deals mainly in “fling” relationships, then you’re going to want the most selection and options possible. With the absolutely massive user base, Adult Friend Finder definitely provides the most selection in people, but how about with features?FeaturesAdult friend finder gets a positive review in the features category. They offer all the options someone could ever want in an adult dating website. You can browse photos of people, sorted however you would like them to be. They offer you local searches, searches specific to sex, age, and even body type. You can upload your own photos and there are virtually no limits on the explicit nature of the content. Adult friend finder offers live video chat rooms, which can be private 1 on 1’s or public domain, as well as standard chatting for those who do not have web-cams.The site allows you to meet people based on desired relationships as well. Simple 1-on-1 sex is the most popular category, but there are literally dozens to choose from. If you are gay, straight, or bisexual, the site can accommodate exactly what you are looking for. They even have options for swingers, voyeurs, fetishes, bondage, and S&M lovers.MembershipAdult Friend Finder again earns a positive review for their membership structure. You are allowed to sign up completely for free, which gives you access to limited features. The reason we love this site is because their free trial membership allows you to browse other members photos, and even chat and message them! Most sites do not give this out for free.You can update to a silver membership for $100 or a gold for $150. Each of these memberships brings new advantages. Because they slow the search speeds for the free members, you are granted faster searches as well as expanded options. Also, video chatting is disabled for non-paying members.OverallOur overall review of Adult Friend Finder is a positive one. For people who are looking for an online dating site which is adult in nature, this is definitely the top choice. Given it’s naughty nature, the site is susceptible to fake members or people who are running scams. Our recommendation is to be mindful of who you are connecting with and always make sure to screen people for authenticity before divulging too much personal information or setting up a meet up.

What on Earth is Adult Dating all About?

Adult dating in the context of this article refers to a date or a relationship (be it in real life or virtual) where sex or physical gratification is the main purpose of the union. The no strings attached adult dating industry has been booming in recent years, it is anonymous, risky and offers instant satisfaction without the need for a long term relationship.Many people have fulfilled their widest fantasies by taking advantage of adult dating sites via the Internet. In most cases this would simply be impossible without a platform that introduced like minded people. Many sites specialise in certain areas of adult dating, or indeed specific sexual areas, it is possible to click your way and find willing participants for any of the following:- No strings attached sexual partner- 3 in a bed or group sex partners- Photo exchange partners- Phone sex, email sex or cyber sex partnersIf you are new to adult dating, you maybe surprised to learn that a number of your potential partners are married or already in long term relationships with other people. This is quite common throughout the adult dating industry; this is because it is most often not a relationship that is on offer but physical kicks. Often these types of people will have different priorities in life, so it is best not to judge too quickly. In some cases, a married couple will take part in adult dating together; some will do so with permission from their partners, while many will be actively deceptive.One of the main differences in the adult dating world is the mind set and attitude. It is one of free love, sexual experimentation and risk. This is not an ideal scenario for a lot of people, so they are quick to judge. What they fail to consider is that adult dating takes place between two consenting adults, just because what they do does not fit with their expectations of social responsibility it does not mean it is wrong.Its interesting to theorise why people join an adult dating community. I suspect that a lot of it is simply about sex. In same cases, it may be difficult to find partners who will agree or take part in particular fantasies you want to try. Ive read that married men often join because their wife will not perform certain sexual activities with them; on the other hand there are a lot of frustrated wives who jump at the chance of receiving sexual satisfaction.In most cases, adult dating is harmless fun. As long as it is consenting and responsible, where is the harm in it?